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RTV2 Silicone - Addition Cure

Dalchem’s RTV2 Addition Cure Silicones are used for moulding and casting applications.

Addition Cure Silicone Rubbers use a Patinum curing agent and produce the best quality grade of silicone mould - they are long lasting and have very good dimensional stability. Shrinkage on curing is minimal.

Although we supply many products for a range of applications our most popular addition cure product is P35. It's easy to mix by equal parts by weight 


Unless you need a product for a specific application start here with P35. This should be your choice for Wildlife Teats too


Other products will give you a firmer silicone mould - P42,   or    a softer silicone mould -P20


 Curing of addition cure silicone can be accelerated by applying additional heat.

RTV2 addition cure silicone provides high resistance to chemicals and high tear strength, resulting in durable moulds. 

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