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Chromatic Alginate Powder

Dalchem provides high quality alginate powder, a molding material made from food-grade polymer. Thanks to its excellent ability to capture details, one of the most common applications of alginate powder is life casting (making a three-dimensional mold of any part of the human body.) For this reason, alginate powder is commonly used in the movie and entertainment industry to copy a particular body part of an actor or an actress. Alginate powder is also used by dentists for making casts of the interior portion of a patient’s mouth.

Alginate powder comes with different setting times, ranging from 1 minute to 10 minutes. Chromatic Alginate is very easy-to-use. It simply needs to be mixed with water and applied to the specific body part, and within a few minutes it sets like a rubber, thus allowing to get the exact shape of the body part. 

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