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Urethane Resin

As one of the most practical resins on the market, urethane resins have a wide variety of functions and uses. Consumers can find urethane in thousands of different household and commercial products, and its synthetic make-up allows for it to be transformed into countless forms. Urethane resin is usually revered for its chemical, oil and grease resistance, and its ability to resist abrasion.


Why is Urethane Resin so Useful?

Urethane resin is considered as one of the most multifaceted resins because it’s used to produce such a wide array of products, from inks to plastics. This is possible because the material is often distorted to great extremes, and this allows for various changes in properties such as hardness and elasticity. At production level, it’s created in its liquid form and is either formed by moulds or used to make a powerful adhesive. When formed by moulds, the material is so impressionable that any impression whatsoever can be seen on the final product.


Urethane Resin Products

Our urethane resin products are specially formulated to bond to almost any material—fibreglass, plastics, metals, and even wood. The products are resistant to shock and solvents and are non-brittle and do not shrink. Owing to these excellent material properties, they are excellent for use as gap filling material, among other uses, and provide strength to the structure.

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