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Australia's Leading Supplier of Moulding and Casting Materials

Special Effects Supplies

Dalchem Australia offers an exclusive selection of Monster Maker Special Effects Supplies that can be used on a wide variety of special effects applications. If you are looking to create a real three dimensional effect like those seen in feature films and TV then the chances are you will find the materials you need at Dalchem.

Special Effects Products

Artificial Eyes

The Monster Makers provide our customers a great quality acrylic, half round artificial eye that can be used as a place holder in sculpted forms, mannequins, masks and props.

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For further information call Dalchem Australia on 03 9553 7040.

Artificial Hair

This is a fine quality Kanekelon hair. Great for beards, mustaches and long lengths of hair for masks and creature suits. Can be airbrushed with acrylic paint for blending and shading. Each package contains about 5 ft. x 4 inches.

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For further information call Dalchem Australia on 03 9553 7040.


Special Effect Theatrical Dental Supplies

starter-dental-kit.jpg artificial-acrylic-teeth.jpg self-cure-acrylic-tooth-shade-set.jpg dental-grade-alginate.jpg

Fang and Dental Kits

We supply a great selection of kits for making any kind of theatrical teeth imaginable. You can use these kits to make complete theatrical dental appliances or set of Fangs that fit perfectly over your own teeth.

Artificial Acrylic Teeth

Our selection of artificial acrylic teeth are indistinguishable from real teeth. These are the same type of teeth used for making dentures.

Dental Polymers

The Monster Makers offers both Tooth Shade and Pink (Gingiva) Dental Polymers that can be used to create realistic Teeth and gums for display and theatrical appliances. Sets to a super hard plastic that looks just like real teeth and gum tissue.

Dental Accessories

Dalchem offers a variety of accessories for creating Dental Effects for film, TV and theatrical applications.
Products Include: | Dental Base Formers| Alcote Separator

Acrylic Dental Stains

Monster Makers Dental Stains are designed to be used on artificial acrylic teeth only. This is are liquid acrylic polymer that will bond to plastic teeth and can be used to create very realistic colorations for monster or decayed teeth and more. Goes on like water colour and creates a high gloss shine.

Special Effects - Foam Latex Kits

Dalchem Australia supply complete Monster Makers Foam Latex Kits. Each kit comes with all the components needed to make theatrical foam rubber: High Solids, Natural Latex Foam Base, Microcellular Foaming Agent, Curing Agent, Gelling Agent and Mould Release. Addition tools for making foam latex include a measuring system (teaspoons, tablespoons, measuring cup or scale as well as a low temp heat source and a gypsum or epoxy mould with your 3-D design.)


Special Effects - Foam Latex Components:

Dalchem supply the core components that make up our Monster Makers Foam Latex Kits individually or in bulk.


Products Include:
Monster Makers -   Latex Colourants

Special Effects - Foam Latex Additives:

Dalchem supply a selection of additives that you can use to modify the standard Monster Makers Foam Recipe. These products are designed to help the experienced foam runner change our foam in a specific way to help with environmental conditions that pose a greater challenge for running foam.



Products Include:
Monster Makers - Flow Enhancer 

Lifecasting Kits

Dalchem has several different Monster Maker starter kits for creating lifecasts of the human form. Use these kits to replicate pregnant bellies, arms, legs, faces and any body part you would like. Immortalise yourself in stone or create a sculpting base for a prosthetic or mask.

Lifecasting Supplies

We supply parts and pieces used for creating lifecasts. If you need refills for your kits Dalchem can supply the lifecasting materials you need!

Makeup Supplies

The possibilities for make-up are nearly endless. We offer a few of the core products that can be used for three dimensional appliances.

Adhesives and Removers

Dalchem supplies two types of Monster Maker Prosaide, acrylic emulsion adhesives available is sizes ranging from 2 oz. up to gallon size quantities, which can be used for a number of different prosthetic applications. We also supply Isopropyl Myristate makeup remover, know as "the adhesive killer" in the special effects trade.

Special Effect Slime Compounds & Components

What good is a special effects shop without Slime? Not much! Dalchem Australia can supply your Special Effects Slime. All are water based and non toxic. We also have concentrated colourants that can be used to tint the Slime. Available in Red, Green, Black or Clear as standard. Just let us know what colour you need.

Products Include:

Movie Creature Slime - Clear | Movie Blood Slime 

Powdered Colourants

Dalchem supply several Monster maker colourants that can be used to create blood recipes and tint various Methyl Cel Slime formula's.