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Silicone Moulding Companies

Pretty much everything you need to know about silicone moulding and which company leads the way is listed on Dalchem’s authoritative and informative website. We are a leader in the business of supplying hundreds of companies in no less than eight industrial sections with the materials and products required for building perfect moulds.


Multi-purpose silicone

Silicone has many purposes. We know this well. We are offering condensation-cured RTV2 silicone products that are used to create models, decorative and special effects.

Surgical use: Plastic surgeons use silicone during the application of breast implants. Also, RTV2 silicone products are ideal for bone reconstructions because the rubber products are safe to use.

Sculptors: Artists should never rush their work, but we offer a product that can form silicone putty that allows users to create moulds very quickly.

Film industry: Silicone moulds are this industry’s best friend. For creating realistic special effects, technical crews can use the Soft Translucent Silicone and Soft Translucent Catalyst.

Construction: Soft Translucent Silicone is perfectly pourable for shaping artistic, architectural effects as additions to the home. When using large quantities of silicone, it is recommended to add a 10 percent catalyst.


Building the silicone mould

New customers are recommended to take advantage of Dalchem’s expertise on effective silicone moulding. This will always begin on the shop floor.

Correct materials: Start working with the appropriate primer, which is dependent on whether your surface is absorbent or non-absorbent. When applying to surfaces, several coats will be required.

Silicone mixture: Always follow the correct mix ratio instructions. This is done by using a gram scale to measure the exact required ratio.

Pouring: Always use a wooden rod. Never use drill motors for mixing afterwards. Before proceeding with your moulding, let the silicone rest for a few minutes to eliminate air bubbles from the mixture.

Setting: For commercial builders, curing time can be reduced by sourcing fast-acting catalytic materials from Dalchem. But always remember that setting time begins from the moment pouring begins.


Artistic inspiration

Help and inspiration are at hand for the new sculptor from Dalchem and our technically-trained crew. Go through the relevant website menu designed just for artists.

Monster making: A playful, fun-filled guide shows you how to create hideous monsters in twelve easy to follow steps. The guide begins with a few basic items that you will need for your invention.

First-time sculpting tips: Informative tips on how release agents work as a protective film between the mould and the part, guides you towards easy removal of your sculptured cast.

How artist and silicone converge: Commercial artists are creating anything and everything from candles, jewellery to decorative buttons and handicraft. Pre-prepared, customised moulds can be ordered in bulk from Dalchem.

Other benefits: Guaranteed storage stability of catalysts for up to twelve months, provided that these are stored in cool, dry and tightly sealed containers.


Moulding leaders

When it comes to sourcing the best materials and products for quality silicone moulding, Dalchem remains the first choice for professionals and homemakers. Whether you are a budding artist or leading practitioner in your construction line, visit us regularly on their website or at one of their many stores and become an expert member of their team.