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Sculpting Clay

Looking for a new hobby? Sculpture has a long existence throughout the history of man, and while its use as a functional skill has shifted, it’s an art form that’s lasted throughout the ages. Sculpting clay is a specialized form of clay that can help you in honing your new craft.


Why is Sculpting Clay Special?

Utilized in many art courses and crafting studios, sculpting clay is non hardening clay that can be used again and again. In addition to being extremely malleable, sculpting clay absorbs heat, making it easier to shape as it warms to touch. Luckily for artists, sculpting clay has a few trade secrets that make it even more valuable to use. Adding one drop of oil at a time to your modelling clay will make it thinner, while adding talcum powder will thicken the clay. Aside from intentional exposure for a desired effect, it should be kept out of heat or sunlight. As clay is made from platelets, it rearranges around air, creating a process called wedging.


Finding a Specialist is Sculpting Clay

Learn more techniques and tips such as this by contacting one of our customer service representatives who would love to guide you on cultivating your new sculpting hobby. Our prices are competitive and reasonable, and we strive to provide you with the service and quality you require.

At Dalchem, we’ve devised a range of delivery options that ensure that your product will get to your door in a convenient and prompt manner. Dalchem is a specialist Melbourne supplier of materials, like sculpting clay that are used by hobbyists and household businesses alike. It’s not surprising that some of the world’s leading manufacturers rely on Dalchem as a supply partner. We pride ourselves in providing the best service to customers worldwide.