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Australia's Leading Supplier of Moulding and Casting Materials

Sculpting and Mould Making Compound Supplies

Dalchem Australia offers an exclusive selection of sculpting and moulding products for creating and transforming your ideas in reality. Here you will find sculpting tools, armatures, texture stamps, oil and water based clays and a variety of flexible and rigid mould making options available from The Monster Makers.

Sculpting and Mould Making Compound Products


Sculpting Compounds:

The Monster Makers selection of Sculpting Compounds includes Epoxy clays, Oil Based Clay and WED Clay. With the exception of the epoxy clay, The Monster Makers clays can be reused an allow artists to sculpt nearly anything imaginable.

Products Include:
Apoxie Sculpt | Fixit Sculpt | 


Sculpting Tool Kits:

The Monster Makers offers exclusive sculpting tool kits not found anywhere else. Choose from a variety of kits that allow artists to create detailed sculptures of any kind.

Products Include:
Basic Studio Tool Set | Intermediate Studio Tool Set | Professional Studio Tool Set 


Sculpting Armatures:

The Monster Makers ready made Head Sculpting Bust Armatures are taken directly from lifecasts. These ready made reusable head forms are great of creating masks and prosthetics and can be used for displays and any other application where a lifelike head for is needed. Saves the time and expense of making your own head forms.

Deluxe Full Head Armature


Rigid Mould Making Compounds:

The Monster Makers Rigid Mould Making Compounds are suitable for a wide variety of mould making applications where gypsum compounds can be used.


Flexible Mould Making Compounds:

The Monster Makers Flexible Mould-Making Compounds are suitable for making mosts that will flex around undercuts and allow for maximum detail reproduction. Our flexible moulding material of choice is Silicone.

Silicone and Additive Products Include:
Thixotropic Additive


Mouldmaking Accessories:

Here you will find a variety of mould-making accessories to help you design better and longer lasting moulds.