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Latex Mask - How to Make Your Own Face into a Latex Monster Mask? Section 8

Learn from the professional Arnold Goldman of The Monster Makers.

Latex Monster Mask Tutorial Section 8: Steps 38-41
Step 38:
To make the diseased areas stand out I add some darker colours to the low points of the wounds. I also spray some red around the bad spots.
Step 39:
Next I get busy on the good eye. The iris is carefully painted. First a dark blue for the background colour and then lighter for the iris detail. This time I use a small brush to do the iris detailing.
Step 40:
I decide to add quite a bit more red around the face to adjust the flesh tone. I’ve concentrated the red around the edges of the diseased areas as well. This pulls all the colours together and creates a nice finished look.
Step 41:
For the last touches I add five-minute epoxy to gloss the eyes and Perma-Wet over the diseased spots.
At last, here is the finished piece—Ronnie will never be the same! He is actually a great guy and we love to have him around the shop. Let’s give a big round of applause to Ronnie and P.J. for assisting me with this really fun demo.