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Latex Mask - How to Make Your Own Face into a Latex Monster Mask? Section 4

Learn from the professional Arnold Goldman of The Monster Makers.

Latex Monster Mask Tutorial Section 4: Steps 16-20
Step 16:
Now we can get busy on making changes for the mask. I have decided that we will give Ron a disease. Let’s see—leprosy? necrotizing fasciitis?—there are so many to choose from. Why don’t we just make this up as we go along, then? I like Ron, but he did spill a drum of latex once. This will be fun!
Step 17:
It doesn’t take long for things to go horribly wrong with Ron’s completion. Yikes! But now we need to remove his clay eye and put in a fake eye. We will leave one diseased and one unaffected.
Step 18:
Once the fake eye is positioned and the eyelids sculpted we can begin to ready the pattern for the mould. Here I am filling the gaps around the bottom of the oil clay as it meets the tabletop, using water-based clay.
Step 19:
Here you can see a close-up of one of the gaps. If we didn’t fill this, the plaster would seep underneath and make a very unsightly and unworkable mould.
Step 20:
In this image I have everything ready to go. All we need is some hydrocal, a brush, and a bucket of room temperature water.