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Latex Mask - How to Make Your Own Face into a Latex Monster Mask? Section 2

Learn from the professional Arnold Goldman of The Monster Makers.

Latex Monster Mask Tutorial Section 2: Steps 5-9
Step 5:
Just before the alginate begins to set, we should press some cotton fibre into the alginate. This will allow the plaster bandages to adhere to the alginate by forming a mechanical bond between the alginate and the bandages.
Step 6:
After the alginate sets we begin to apply the plaster bandages. It is also important to work the bandages against the alginate to make sure that they make complete contact with the alginate so there are no air pockets.
Step 7:
The bandages are applied over all exposed alginate, leaving the nose for last. Beforehand it is important to prepare various size small strips that you can use to cover the nose area.
Step 8:
Once the plaster bandages have set, have the subject lean forward and help remove the mould. We applied a little Vaseline along the eyebrows and hairline beforehand so the mould comes free easily.
Step 9:
Here is our subject, happy to be free from the mould. Most people describe it as a very relaxing experience. This mould looks like it will work great for our purpose.