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Latex Mask - How to Make Your Own Face into a Latex Monster Mask? Section 1

Learn from the professional Arnold Goldman of The Monster Makers.

I am sure you have all heard it said before—“Boy, would your face make a great Halloween mask!” or, “That mask is almost as scary as my (brother, uncle, sister, father, etc.)!” Anyone who has ever made, seen, or owned a scary Halloween mask has heard that corny line many times, and I thought it would be fun to do a demo that would finally put some real meaning into those annoying and predictable remarks. So, come along as I show you a simple process for turning your own face into a gruesome latex Halloween mask!

Latex Monster Mask Tutorial Section 1: Steps 1-4
Step 1:
Meet our unfortunate victim and fellow Monster Makers crewmember, Ronnie K. Ron has kindly agreed to let us replicate and then destroy his cool exterior. He understands that it is for a good cause. So no hard feelings.
Step 2:
The first task in turning Ron’s face into a mask is to take a life cast. We’ve prepped all of our materials: Prosthetic Grade Cream Alginate, plaster bandages, latex gloves, water, and a couple of buckets. We start by mixing the alginate with water.
Step 3:
It’s a messy job but someone has to be the victim. If you’re especially claustrophobic you might not be the best candidate for a mask, but Ron has been through all of this before and gladly agrees to receive the first glob of gooey alginate. Yuck!
Step 4:
The alginate goes on quickly. When applying alginate, press it firmly against the skin so you do not trap air. This is especially important around the eyes, corners of the mouth, and behind the edges of the nostrils. We are just doing the face, so no bald cap is necessary. You of course DO NOT want to cover the nostrils. Be sure to work carefully around that area. If the nostrils do get covered just have your subject exhale sharply though them to open up the airway. No need to panic should it happen. Just discuss it with your subject in advance.

Want to Learn more?

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