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Gelcoat and Flowcoat Product Supplies

Our Gel Coats and Flowcoats are used for many applications.


Gelcoat is a material that is used to provide a high quality finish on the surface of your composite material, while Flowcoat serves the same purpose but with a wax element for those times that you need to prevent tackiness.

Dalchem offers a range of Gelcoat and Flowcoats that work with fibreglass and resins. Let Dalchem guide you on which gelcoat product supplies are right for your application.

Polyester Gel Coat is applied to the surface of a mold and is used as a protective and decorative finish on boat hulls or on fibreglass laminate. Polyester Flowcoat is often used as a finishing coat when repairing boats.


Gelcoats and Flowcoats play an important part when working with fibreglass and resin, correct selection is a monumental step in properly executing your project. Choosing improperly can be extremely detrimental to your project, in some cases costing you exorbitant additional costs. Some industries which use these products include; boat building and marine, mould making, prototyping, pattern making, model making and the arts and crafts.


Our prices are competitive and reasonable, and we strive to provide you with the service and quality you require. At Dalchem, we’ve devised a range of delivery options that ensure that your product will get to your door in a convenient and prompt manner. We will endeavor to provide you with courteous service and up to date information regarding your order, and your products quality on arrival. We pride ourselves in providing the best service to customers worldwide.