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Alpha Gypsum

How do you make the best use of alpha gypsum for all your modelling and building needs? You simply rely on us at Dalchem - the industry-leading supplier of all moulding, casting and artistic needs.

Relying on the industry leaders

Here’s a short guide on why you need to take advantage of our knowledge, expertise and experience; We are an acknowledged world leader in supplying up-to-date technologies related to effective applications of alpha gypsum.

Expert advice guides home-based hobbyists and commercial engineers on proper material selections and how to apply them to the work at hand.

We have qualified engineers and sales experts are available throughout the day to attend to your queries and needs. Visit our detailed website, which places great emphasis on how to perform all moulding tasks effectively.


Website reliability

Our website’s drop-down menus are easy to navigate. Instructions and knowledge-based guides on what alpha gypsum entails is written professionally with the layman in mind.


Alpha gypsum advantages

There are, of course, many advantages to using alpha gypsum. Here we will only look at a few. Take your time going over our website’s guides in the meantime.

Alpha gypsum, better known as gypsum plaster, is a homogenous substance which means that after being properly mixed it is transformed into a solid substance free of grain, soft or hard spots, or lumps.

Its paste wax is effective for home renovations or restorations. Correctly prepared paste wax is used to restore old wood.

No less than eight industries, including those of artists and home decorators, use this versatile product’s flexible RTV silicone rubber moulds.

Gypsum plaster is poured easily into most moulds, and we also have our own system for use with other moulds and casting.


Effective product use

From the layman’s perspective, not all processes and methodologies are cast in stone. In our How-To guide, we take time explaining the finer points. Here are a few examples:

  • For the artist, Dalchem Chromatic Alginate is recommended. It is a special moulding gypsum known by its technical term: hydrostone.
  • For preparing a good paste wax, use a clean, soft cotton cloth to apply the wax to a finished piece.
  • When applying paste wax to a finished piece, apply the cloth onto the surface of the product. This allows the wax to seep into the piece.
  • Preparing a casting medium is not difficult when supplier’s instructions are followed correctly. Proper pouring into latex moulds ensures no trapping of bubbles in the liquid. Setting time and plasticity periods are two important points to consider.
  • Setting time begins with adding gypsum plaster to water. Plasticity is dependent on the type of gypsum plaster being used.


You can rely on Dalchem’s experience and extensive range of products. Our staff are trained to provide you with expert advice and customised value unique to your needs. The product range is extensive. Their functional website allows you to browse for a wide variety of materials and supplies used for anything from sculpting to industrial colouration.

Dalchem provides hobbyists, film and construction industries with everything related to gypsum plastering and creating a perfectly finished article.