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Alginate Products

Alginate is a safe non-toxic product derived from kelp (seaweed) which makes it dermatologically safe as well as edible in some forms. When combined with water, it can create a paste that is usable for casting, modelling and sculpting.


As casting children’s hands and feet has become an increasingly popular pastime, we offer a product that makes it easy to create a fun and simple DIY project that will last. Chromatic alginate is used for the mould, the cast is then poured with Hydrostone or UltraCal plasters to cast baby hands and feet.


For larger projects such as full heads and bodies you will need the Monster Makers Prosthetic Grade Cream to achieve professional results. Prosthetic Grade Cream (PGC) gives a longer working time of about 5 minutes and is a smooth creamy consistency when mixed with water, making it easy to work with.


Used in conjunction with Hydrostone or UltraCal gypsum plaster you can replicate any body part with outstanding precision and detail. Alginate is used to create a mould which can then be filled with Hydrostone or UltraCal plasters to create the finished piece which can then be painted.


Our prices are competitive and reasonable, and we strive to provide you with the service and quality you require. At Dalchem, we’ve devised a range of delivery options that ensure that your product will get to your door in a convenient and prompt manner. We will endeavor to provide you with courteous service and up to date information regarding your order, and your products quality on arrival. We pride ourselves in providing the best service to customers worldwide.