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Australia's Leading Supplier of Moulding and Casting Materials

Acrylic Resin

Dalchem is a leader in the supply of acrylic resin products for moulding, casting and modelling across all industrial sectors. We specialise in supplying an extensive range of polyurethane, resin, epoxy and silicone products used by companies that carry out a lot of moulding and casting during their manufacturing processes.

About acrylic resin

Made from plastic substances derived from acrylic acid; acrylic resin is used as a lacquered finish to textiles, paper and mixed with clay.


Best uses

Plasticine and clay products are widely used by sculptors. It is a popular choice because these products never need drying and can be reused several times. Applying our Monster Clay Premium, for instance, is easy. It never sticks to the artist’s fingers or manufacturer’s tools.


Effective applications

Rather than always relying on the hands, source the best sculpting tools from our large inventory of sculpting supplies.

Transferring clay to latex rubber is not difficult provided the proper processes are followed. Our online guide provides extensive details on this process.

Slip castings of latex rubber, for instance, also provide moulds with a uniform thickness that helps to provide the artist with the desired effects.

The best way to start an effective process of casting is always to begin with a dry plaster mould or pattern.


How Dalchem helps

Always remember though, that Dalchem is the preferred choice for many artists on commercial levels. Combining their expertise and products, they are readily available to help set designers in the film industry on what materials to use and how to apply them to create realistic features.


Website info

On set, or on site, we go to great lengths to provide as many detailed explanations as possible. Drop down menus allow customers to slide from product ranges straight to helpful guides on how to use these products effectively. To take advantage of our materials, products and advice, take a tour of our website. Expertly composed, the guides are brief but certainly not short of informative tips. In the meantime, here’s a quick tour guide. Bear in mind, though, that the website is extensive, so this guide does not even begin to cover everything.

Tips for beginners: Budding artists will get a thrill out of following the step-by-step guide on how to mould the most hideous monster possible.

Reminders to the commercial users: How-to guides are stepped and essential to ensure the best mould settings that fit the purposes of artists’ designs.

Toolkits on materials: A good base for using our products and materials in the most effective way possible starts with its origins. Info on what these materials are made from gives users a better understanding of how to solidify their work.

Help is always available: Sometimes the guides will not be enough. Some users may need to reach out to one of our experts through the website. Fill in as much detail about the problem as possible in the form provided.

The advantages of using acrylic resin are mainly practical and highly attuned to the manufacturing or artistic work being done. The primary advantage is that it does not stick to users’ hands and never dries, so materials can continue to be re-moulded in accordance with users’ objectives.