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Polyurethane Casting Resins

As a major part of our business, Dalchem specialise in polyurethane casting resins. These are dual component compounds that consist of a resin and a hardener sometimes known as a catalyst. The two parts are mixed according to the instructions on the label, this mixture is then poured into a mould typically made from silicone. The hardener or catalyst cures the resin, causing it to set as either a rigid or a flexible plastic. Though most are opaque and non-transparent, some polyurethane casting resins remain clear and transparent when they set. Dalchem's Technique WC 80D is one such variety of resin, becoming hard and clear once cured.

 Dalchem has an extensive range of polyurethane casting supplies and materials on offer. These products are available in numerous varieties such as clear, flexible, and rigid variants – polyurethane foams are  also available. Their strength and durability make them ideal for a number of commercial and engineering uses in addition to hobby, arts and craft applications, including:

  • casting mould making
  • scale model making
  • prototyping designs
  • plastic electronic casings
  • car lenses
  • replacement switches
  • flexible trim and rubber


Casting compounds constructed from rigid urethane possess exceptional strength and are incredibly durable. Dalchem's line of Replicast, DC202, Plasticast, and Technique TC78 products are perfect for most casting requirements. Their increased durability means your moulded items are set to last – this is of particular importance when dealing with sensitive and delicate models, prototypes, and electrical components.

 Dalchem also has a variety of highly flexible polyurethane casting resins and moulding components on offer – each with varying degrees of flexibility. These include Flexithane 40, 60 and 85, in addition to the FlexiClear  range. As a result of their superior working viscosity, both these urethane products are adept at accurately reproducing even the most intricate of details from a mould or cast. Upon curing, Flexithane produces a quality flexible amber coloured finish, while the FlexiClear range is flexible and water-clear.