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Mold Making Ideas to do with the kids

Mold Making Crafts and mold making have been around since the beginning of time when people made everything they used with their hands. Initially, creating crafts served the purpose of trading, selling, spiritual or artistic expression, as well as functional uses for the home. Children often learned crafts from their parents as a form of familial education.

Today, crafts are still one of the most popular pastimes and educational tools for children. Crafts extend motor skills and give children productive activities. Mold making is a great activity that not only allows kids to utilize their favourite objects around the home; it also teaches them skills for creating them. Here you’ll find a few mold making ideas to do with the kids that will keep them occupied on both rainy and sunny days.


Learn to Layer colours

Using the molds, a bit of plaster coloured, and masking tape, you can teach your children colour coordination skills by making multi-coloured projects. While each layer is in the “gel phase” of drying, you can add an additional layer with a different colour and show them which colours go best together.


Mold making and teaching

Teaching your children the names of common objects has never been so easy. By utilizing the objects you have around the house, as well as the plaster you’ve prepared, you can teach your kids the names of things in the house, and they can also recreate them.

Whatever activities you decide to do with the kids, make sure you purchase the right casting materials for your project. When purchasing products you’ll use with your children it’s important to purchase from suppliers that offer extensive information and guidance on using the chemicals. Dalchem is a specialist Melbourne supplier of mould making materials that are used by hobbyists and household businesses alike. Our prices are competitive and reasonable, and we strive to provide you with the service and quality you require.

We pride ourselves in providing the best service to customers worldwide.