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Make an Outdoor Flower Pot with These Fibreglass Supplies

Fibreglass-SuppliesMaking an outdoor flower pot can add an additional layer of beauty and depth to your garden. Whether you want to build an extravagant tall flower pot or a small one for the window sill, you will need the same fibreglass supplies to get the job done.

The supply list below is a great guide for helping you purchase the right items and to ensure you do not forget anything along the way. You will need the following supplies to make yourself an outdoor flower pot:


  • Planter mold
  • Lumber, specifically 2-by-4
  • Mold wax
  • Fibreglass resin
  • Tape measure 
  • Fibreglass mat
  • Catalyst
  • Knife
  • Air rollers 
  • Felt rollers
  • Saw for cutting the lumber
  • Sandpaper
  • Glue gun and glue sticks
  • Foam applicator for the mold wax


Tips and Tricks

When it comes time for you to sit down and put these fibreglass supplies to use, there are some tips and tricks to keep in mind that will help prevent injury and also save time.


Tip 1: Get Lumber Pre-Cut

Often, you can have lumber pre-cut for you at your local home improvement store. By doing this, you will save time and you will not have to measure and cut your own pieces.


Tip 2: No Resin on Skin

Do whatever it takes to prevent getting resin on your skin as it is not easy to get off. You can wear gloves, a long sleeve shirt, or whatever else works for you.


Tip 3: Ventilation is Important When you are mixing your resin and catalyst, it is vital to your health that you do NOT do it in a closed room. You should always mix these ingredients outdoors or in a well-ventilated area to prevent harm.


Dalchem is a specialist supplier of materials that are used to help hobbyists and professionals accomplish their projects. If you are in need of fibreglass supplies, do not hesitate to give Daclhem a call.