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How to Use Liquid Latex to Create a Scary Halloween Costume

Liquid-LatexLiquid latex is commonly used in the makeup industry to add special effects to characters and improve their costumes. The process of application is the same and includes placing the substance on a person’s body in the places where special effects are wanted.

Liquid latex dries quickly when it makes contact with air, so it is important to plan out the details of where you want to apply it before actually placing it on the body. Creating a scary Halloween costume is easy with liquid latex on hand. If you want to create the best costume this year, follow the steps below.


1. First, start out by shaving the area where you plan to place the liquid latex. Latex is a sticky substance and when it comes into contact with hair, it can be painful to remove.

2. Once shaved, grab a sponge to apply the latex. Open the bottle and then place a small amount of latex onto the sponge.

3. Spread the latex on the desired area of skin and spread it out to make it into the shape you would like. Allow the latex to dry, which can take as little as 10 minutes.

4. Once the latex is dry, you have two options. You can add another layer to thicken the layers or you can begin creating a flesh wound. If you are ready to create a wound, use a toothpick and draw lines throughout the liquid latex. This process will help add depth and detail to the latex.

5. Once the wound is shaped, you can apply makeup and blood as desired to create a scary Halloween costume.


Liquid latex can help you blow your competition out of the water on Halloween. For both amateurs and professionals, it is important that you purchase quality liquid latex from a reputable supplier such as Dalchem. If you need help choosing a product, do not hesitate to contact Dalchem today.