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Express yourself with Molding Clay

Molding Clay Working with molding clay is one the best ways to create, and express yourself. With polymer clay, you can enhance your sculpting skills, making art.

Polymer Clay Maintenance

Often, we worry that art supplies may become damaged or wear down over long periods of time. After all, it’s a common problem for most, with the increasingly busy world we live in.

To take care, or increase the life span of your polymer clay, there are a few steps you can take. If your polymer clay has become soft beyond the point of malleability you can use a process called leaching to regain some of the firmness without losing elasticity. To leach clay, you sandwich sheets of plain paper between it and then put a book on it for a few hours. From there, all you have to do is remove it once the clay is to your preference. The longer you leach it, the more of the molding clay’s plasticizer will leach into the paper and out of the clay. This will cause the clay to be more firm.


Supplier Guidance on Moulding Clays

It’s important to purchase from a supplier that can assist and give you tips on taking care of your art supplies. When taking on a new hobby such as molding clay, it’s a great advantage to have a supplier who can offer you the guidance you need, so that you can focus on your technique.

Dalchem is a specialist Melbourne supplier of molding clay materials that are used by hobbyists and household businesses alike. It’s not surprising that some of the world’s leading manufacturers rely on Dalchem as a supply partner. Our prices are competitive and reasonable, and we strive to provide you with the service and quality you require.

At Dalchem, we’ve built a team of supply experts who can assist you with all of your purchasing needs. We endeavour to provide you with the most courteous service and up to date information regarding your order. We pride ourselves in providing the best service to customers worldwide.