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Epoxy Adhesive

A two-part epoxy adhesive is used to glue or bond two or more objects together. A typical kit contains two liquid components – a resin and a hardener. The resin is combined with the hardener – the catalyst – to initiate a chemical reaction called curing. The process of curing creates an incredibly strong and highly durable bond between a number of materials including ceramics, glass, fibreglass, plastics, wood, and metals. Dalchem has a comprehensive range of versatile epoxy adhesives that offer superior heat, acid, and chemical resistant properties for a variety of uses.

The trade name 'Araldite' is often used to describe epoxy.

As an effective and efficient water-clear resin, Dalchem's Crystal Clear Epoxy Resin Kit possesses laminating properties. It cures at room temperature to provide a clear, high-quality glass coat finish to a number of surfaces and flooring. Acting similar to a heavy varnish, it can also be used to add a thin coat of gloss to sensitive and delicate surfaces such as artworks and canvas paintings, as well as protect and preserve heavy duty working areas such as cafe counter tops and timber table tops. Epoxy resin encapsulation products such as Dalchem's Crystal Clear are available in a range of pack sizes to suit your needs.

 However, not all epoxy adhesives are the same: a number of differences exist between adhesives, and this depends on what application the adhesive is designed for. Dalchem's Crystal Clear Epoxy uses a  convenient 1:1 mix of equal parts resin to hardener while Dalchem's 521 Epoxy Resin Kit relies on a mix of 5:1 –  five parts resin to one part hardener. Other variations can include the speed at which the adhesive sets: Dalchem offers both 5 minute and 30 minute Z-Poxy Rapid Cure adhesive kits ideal for  hobby work.

 With their  outstanding adhesive qualities, Dalchem's selection of epoxy resin kits are perfect for woodwork, model making, artwork, construction, boat building and general household repairs.