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Creative Concepts for Apoxie Sculpt

Apoxie Sculpt

Apoxie Sculpt is one of the most popular sculpting products on the market right now. With versatile properties, easy use, and minimal chance of damaging the clay, it serves as a great compound for both amateurs and experienced hobbyists. Here are some unique and creative ideas for utilizing Apoxie Sculpt:


Make earrings

When people thing of using clay, they initially think of sculpture. Because Apoxie Sculpt is extremely malleable and dries to a very hard consistency, it’s actually perfect for sculpting a pair of intricate and beautiful earrings. From hoops to studs, you can create great jewellery with this material.


Create cell phone charms with Apoxie Sclupt

Have you seen those cute little charms that people attach to the ends of their cell phones? You can also create those with Apoxie Sculpt. Use rubber silicone sculpting tools to create different details for your charms and masking tape to create different colours while drying.


Make a USB Shell

What exactly is an usb shell? Basically it’s a covering for your usb that can also be used for other electronics. With Apoxie Sculpt, the possibilities of what you can create to cover your usb, mouse, or other electronics is nearly endless.

Learn more techniques and tips such as this by contacting one of our customer service representatives who would love to guide you on cultivating your new hobby. Our prices are competitive and reasonable, and we strive to provide you with the service and quality you require. At Dalchem, we’ve outfitted our team members with authoritative knowledge on the products we sell. Dalchem is a specialist Melbourne supplier of Apoxie Sculpt that is used by hobbyists and household businesses alike.

We pride ourselves in providing the best service to customers worldwide.