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Stage 4: Painting the Mask

To complete the mask, a rubber-based latex mask paint is applied with an airbrush. Once a color scheme is chosen, an overall color called the base coat is applied first. Next, a shading color is sprayed into all of the lowpoints of the mask to simulate shadows. Highlight paint is used in a similar manner except that it is sprayed onto the highpoints of the mask to simulate light hitting the surface. To finish the mask, eyes and teeth are painted along with any other fine details. Lastly, a protective, clear flexible varnish called Perma-Wet is applied to give a natural (or unnatural, depending on your monster!) shine. This also acts to preserve your mask for years to come.



Stage 1: Creating the Monster Sculpture

Stage 2: Making the Monster Mould

Stage 3: Casting the Monster Mask


Want to Learn more?

For more detailed information about monster making, order the Mask Makers Handbook from Dalchem. This guide features step-by-step tutorials for making masks in a simple and easy-to-read format.