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Casting Resin

Casting resin is a general term to describe a two-part liquid product used during the process of plastic casting. The resins are all two component, when combined in the correct ratio and mixed, the resin is then poured into a mould or container in order to set. Casting resins can be polyurethane, epoxy, or polyester. Some resins set in opaque, non-transparent varieties while others set in clear, glass-like varieties. In terms of fibreglass also called polyester, these casting resins produce a clear piece of plastic once they set, making them an ideal way of enclosing something decorative, such as a coin inside a paperweight.

Dalchem has a wide selection of premium quality polyurethane casting products, materials, and supplies. These are offered in two types: opaque and clear. Resins are formulated to set as either a rigid or flexible material. The opaque casting resins generally set to an off-white ivory colour. Examples are Dalchem Replicast, Dalchem DC202 and Dalchem Plasticast. Clear casting resins produce a clear and transparent water-white finish, perfect for various industrial, hobbyist and general applications. Though typically used for hobby pursuits such as in the construction of art pieces, collectibles and customisable designer toys, entire scale models or individual decorative parts, Dalchem's clear casting resins can also be utilised in pattern and sign making. They even have industrial applications such as in the production of automotive lenses and components.

As a rigid casting compound comprised of two components, the clear polyurethane Dalchem's Technique WC80 possesses high degrees of durability and flexibility with a low viscosity level, as well as significant resistant properties to both chemicals and abrasions. Its ability to accurately reproduce even the most intricate of details from a mould or cast – complete with a glossy finish on curing – makes it ideal for sophisticated modelling and architectural designs. It can also be used in conjunction with numerous fillers.