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8 Industries that use Flexible RTV silicone rubber moulds

industries-rtv-siliconeMoulds made from RTV silicone rubber have many uses. They have proved their worth particularly in the following sectors:


1. Building industry

Moulds for restoring monuments, decorative plaster mouldings and plasterboards, artificial stone etc.


2. Electrical and electronic industries

Production of prototypes, encapsulation of components in silicone rubber moulds.


3. Automotive, aircraft and aerospace industries

Moulds for prototypes, dash panels, armrests and steering wheels made of rigid and semi-rigid PU foam; three-dimensional maps for simulated flying.


4. Arts and crafts, reproduction of valuable art objects

Flexible moulds for decorative candles, costume jewellery, publicity gifts, decorative buttons, reproductions of coins, seals and medals as well as for other handicraft and art-historical objects.


5. Plastics industry

Moulds for prototypes, industrial mouldings, reproduction of surfaces to show up damage due to fracture and wear.


6. Furniture industry

Moulds for making decorative furniture mouldings (inc. those with deep undercuts), as well as for large components such as doors, windows and wall elements.


7. Sanitary fittings, ceramics and porcelain goods

Patterns for making cases used in the production of porcelain goods.


8. Shoe and leather industries

For HF embossing to make moulds, for PUR transfer of grain textures.