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8 Application Tips for Polyurethane


Polyurethane is a safe and versatile product that is used not only in homes, but also in businesses, in the local recreation centre, and even in vehicles. This product is a plastic-like material that has many different uses depending on the person who is using the product.

You have probably run into polyurethane before as stains and finishes applied to wood contain polyurethane. If you are getting ready to use this product in your home, the following eight application tips will help ensure you make the most of your time and the end result is perfect.


Tip 1: Choose the Right Brush

When you are applying polyurethane, you want to make sure that you are using the right brush. Choosing the wrong one can mean streaking and inconsistencies.


Tip 2: Mix the Can Well

If you fail to properly mix the can of polyurethane, you will be left with a finished project that didn’t turn out so great. Make sure to use a stirring stick and actually stir the contents from the bottom of the can before use.


Tip 3: Keep the Coat Thin

Never glob the coating onto any of your furniture or surfaces. Doing this will result in an uneven finish over the product. Take your time and apply a thin coat.


Tip 4: Don’t Work in the Direct Sun

Polyurethane can dry quickly when it is in a high temperature, so work inside your garage or in a temperature-controlled, ventilated room.


Tip 5: Watch Out for Runs

Drips and runs can occur, so keep an eye out and nip them in the bud before you have to redo the area.


Tip 6: Go with the Grain

When you are using polyurethane on wood, always go with the grain to avoid a disjointed look.


Tip 7: Finish the Job in One Sitting

Do not start on one leg, allow the coating to dry, and then move on as this will create an uneven look. Finish the first coat in one sitting and then take a break and complete a second coat if necessary.


Tip 8: Use a Light to Check Your Work

Always use a light at different angles to check your work. You may have missed a spot or two and did not even notice.


If you are looking for quality polyurethane, Dalchem provides a variety of options for you to choose from. Dalchem offers high-quality polyurethane products at affordable prices so you can feel confident in the products you get.