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3 Types of Mould Release Agents

Mould-release-agentMould release agents come in handy when you have materials that are shaped and constructed in moulds. Without the releasing agent, your mould may become damaged or even break when it is time to remove it.


Mould release agents come in a variety of textures with the most commonly used one being an oil type base. If you have never used a releasing agent before, it is similar to placing oil or butter in the bottom of a dish to remove your final baking product. Below, you will find the three most commonly used types and their purpose in the manufacturing industry.


1. Polyvinyl Alcohol

Polyvinyl alcohol is a mould release agent used in many industries from automotive to electronics and more. PVA, or polyvinyl alcohol, is applied using spray equipment or a roller application. PVA is applied to a mould before anything is placed inside. Once the PVA is dried, the contents can be placed inside of the mould and easily removed without damage or sticking.


2. Semi-Permanent Polymer Systems

Semi-permanent polymer systems are designed for the rubber industry and they prevent sticking and disfiguration of the rubber material. This releasing agent will help keep the integrity of the rubber without the material getting stuck inside of the mould it is in.


3. Wax Systems

Wax systems are often used as a mould release agent and they work well. Instead of spraying this application on, users evenly spread the wax in a circular motion into the moulding equipment. Once the agent is dried, the mould can be buffed and used. Wax systems are designed to work in both high and low temperature settings.


If you are looking for high quality mould release agents, the team at Dalchem can help you pick out the right type. Dalchem is a reputable supplier of release agents at affordable prices for all companies.