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Work on your car

Weekend Ideas

Right now is a great time to get busy repairing the pride and joy sitting in your garage.

With such a large range of products we can only give you a snapshot of the product applications our materials are used for.

  • Engine Mounts / Suspension Bushes

Use SRT30 silicone to make a mould of the original part or a model of the part you need to reproduce. Into the mould pour Flexithane 85 or Flexithane 60 to reproduce the mount or bush

Remember, these products can't be used when the part is close to the engine or will be subjected to high temperatures.

  • Replace rubber seals and components

Make replacement quarter light seals, mud flaps, new rubbers for the foot pedals or protective bodyside mouldings, even a whole new surface to the running board. Our Flexithane series gives you the range of mouldable rubbers to make authetic looking parts. Tint the rubber black (or any other colour) using our PU pigments

  • Replacement Lenses

Make a two part mould using Silastomer P42 or P40 RTV2 silicone. Addition cure silicones such as these will give better results when using clear resins, as they are less reactive.

For the lense material our Technique Water Clear 80D two component polyurethane is a popular choice. It can be tinted using one of the PSTF Dyes to achieve a coloured lens.

A light spray of Ease Release into the mould prior to pouring the resin will allow trouble free seperation of the lens from the mould.

For best results both the silicone and the PU resin should be de-gassed in a vacuum chamber to minimise bubble entrapment. And, as with all products it's best to read the instuction and tips on the data sheet.