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Latex Mask - How to Make Your Own Face into a Latex Monster Mask? Section 5

Learn from the professional Arnold Goldman of The Monster Makers.

Latex Monster Mask Tutorial Section 5: Steps 21-26
Step 21:
Carefully sift the plaster into the water until it comes up a few inches above the top and doesn’t sink back down. Mix until it is creamy and has no lumps.
Step 22:
Once the plaster is uniform, apply with a brush to capture all of the detail. A few sharp breaths of air over the surface will release all the bubbles and better capture the detail.
Step 23:
Here is a shot of the finished detail coat.
Step 24:
Once the plaster thickens sufficiently you can glob it on and build it up fast. Just make sure there are no thin spots. We want at least one inch all the way around, preferably two-inches thick.
Step 25:
As the plaster sets you can shape a flattish top that allows you to rest the mould on its back while you pour in the latex.
Step 26:
Once the plaster is set we can carefully remove the clay sculpt. Be sure the plaster mould gets hot before you remove the clay.