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Stage 2: Making the Monster Mould

In order to transfer the clay form into latex rubber, it is first necessary to make a two piece mould out of an industrial gypsum called Ultra Cal 30. The mould is a perfect three dimensional copy of the sculpture, except in reverse. Gypsum is used because of its porous nature which allows water from the liquid latex rubber to soak into it. To make the mould, a dividing wall is put in place to divide the front and back halves of the sculpture. Gypsum is applied evenly to both halves until a sufficient thickness is achieved. Once the mould is complete, the two halves are separated and the clay is cleaned from the mould. The mould is then placed back together, bound, and made ready for the next stage...


Stage 3: Casting the Monster Mask

Stage 4: Painting the Mask

Stage 1: Creating the Monster Sculpture

Want to Learn more?

For more detailed information about monster making, order the Mask Makers Handbook from Dalchem. This guide features step-by-step tutorials for making masks in a simple and easy-to-read format.