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Stage 3: Casting the Monster Mask

All that remains of our original sculpture is captured in the mould imprint. Our goal now is to recreate the sculpture in rubber. For this we use a special liquid latex casting compound called slush latex or mask latex. Mask latex does not require heat to turn into a solid because it is a Room Temperature Vulcanized Rubber (RTV Elastomer), which means it sets and cures at normal room temperature. Pour the liquid mask latex into your mould, allow it to dwell in the mould for a while, then pour the excess material back into the latex drum. The latex which remains in the gypsum mould forms a skin that evenly coats the interior of the mould. When this mask latex skin is dry, peel it gently from the mould. 


Stage 4: Painting the Mask

Stage 1: Creating the Monster Sculpture

Stage 2: Making the Monster Mould


Want to Learn more?

For more detailed information about monster making, order the Mask Makers Handbook from Dalchem. This guide features step-by-step tutorials for making masks in a simple and easy-to-read format.