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Stage 1: Creating the Monster Sculpture

The first step in creating a latex rubber Halloween mask is to sculpt a pattern in Oil-based clay. The clay is applied to a lifecast armature and roughed-out to establish the general shape. Gradually, as the clay is worked by hand, the sculpture begins to resemble your design idea. As the clay sculpture nears completion, fine sculpting tools are used to sculpt realistic details. The entire sculpting process can take several hours, or days, to complete. Once the Oil Based Clay sculpture is finished, it is ready to be moulded.


Stage 2: Making the Monster Mould

Stage 3: Casting the Monster Mask

Stage 4: Painting the Mask

Want to Learn more?

For more detailed information about monster making, order the Mask Makers Handbook from Dalchem. This guide features step-by-step tutorials for making masks in a simple and easy-to-read format.